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Simplifying trip creation for everyone

Organizing trips with people from all over the world can be a really difficult and time-consuming job to do. Explordinaire is a web application aiming to make it easier to discover locations, organize trips and connect travelers from all over the world.


Cameron Collings

Services Provided

Development, Design




People still use Facebook groups to create and manage complex trips without the ability to explore things to do or keep track of expenses due to the lack of a platform which can do all of that.

Approach & Solution

A fast and flexible web application which lets you focus on traveling instead of worrying

We created an algorithm which can find you awesome things to do wherever you go in a matter of seconds. Explordinaire has the ability to suggest you activities, lets you share unlimited amount of photos and collaborate with others while curating a trip. Keep your profile up-to date during trips, connect with fellow travelers and let the site take care of the rest.