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Future of Splendex: Forbes’ Acquisition and Regional Expansion Plans

Splendex and Barecz & Conrad Media are joining forces to create a regional software development company that will revolutionize the Central European market. The recent acquisition of a 49% stake in Splendex by the company group that publishes the Hungarian, Czech, and Slovakian Forbes magazines is a clear indication of the bright future ahead.

The new partnership will bring significant benefits for both companies. With Barecz & Conrad Media’s presence in the Czech and Slovak markets, Splendex can expand its reach and acquire high-profile clients in these regions. This will provide a platform for growth, both in terms of the team and the range of services offered.

With the goal of growing Splendex into a regionally present software development company, the partnership will also bring new opportunities for the team. Expanding the offices regionally and introducing Splendex to the Czech and Slovak markets will create a network of experts who can work together to create outstanding products and services.

Splendex’s young founders have shown a remarkable ability to grow the company, and this partnership will accelerate that growth, taking advantage of the Pécs ecosystem and the needs of the Czech and Slovak web development market. The dream of creating a regional company that guides customers through an experience is finally within reach.

The combined professional knowledge and positive attitude of both companies will bring success to not only the companies but also to their clients. The new venture will provide innovative and creative solutions to complex business problems, providing customers with an experience that exceeds expectations.

In conclusion, the future looks bright for Splendex and Barecz & Conrad Media. The partnership will create a regional software development company that will change the landscape of Central European markets. With the goal of expanding the team, introducing Splendex to new markets, and acquiring high-profile clients, the potential for growth is unlimited. The partnership will undoubtedly bring success and innovation to the region, creating new opportunities for both companies and their clients.