Why Every Business Actually Needs SEO in 2020

December 2, 2020

What do you do if you want to buy shoes online? Chances are, you type the brand name + “shoes” into Google and press enter. This action is exactly why your business needs SEO.

Google search for SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which should play a part in your development, content creation, sales and marketing processes.

With the help of SEO you can rank higher in the search results of search engines such as Google. 

No matter where your potential customers are in a buying cycle, SEO can help your business attract and convert leads.

Why 2020 is an Important Year to Do SEO 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year has been incredibly unique, companies fought for survival by juggling prices and promoting their products online. 

The virus caused people to be fearful and anxious. Many people who would previously never use web alternatives have converted into online shoppers.

Google Trends reveal a huge spike for the search phrase of “home delivery” (házhozszállítás in Hungarian) in March. This was caused by the first restrictions related to COVID-19, which – among others – restricted tourist arrivals into the country, prohibited large scale gatherings, and all education institutions in the country transferred to digital teaching methods.

Google Trends search for "házhozszállítás"
Google Trends search for “házhozszállítás”

It’s interesting to note, the first dip on the graph after March is the 3rd week of May.

Meaning these searches were prominent for 2 entire months.

As restrictions in the country escalate once more, we expect the winter months to be significant for digital solutions.

We are hopeful the pandemic will be a thing of the past soon. However, it’s safe to say that our lives will never revert to the complete offline habits we’ve been used to.

Is SEO Industry Specific?

SEO is not industry specific, it can help any business generate traffic and achieve conversion rates.

However there are industries where it is absolutely necessary, such as e-commerce.

Consider how many of your customers would like to shop online. How many more people would be interested in your product or service, if they could find it via a simple search.

Ecommerce illustration
Picture from Envato blog

Google constantly changes their algorithm, but what we know is it rewards you for providing information the user is looking for. 

It also rewards you for giving additional relevant details, writing quality articles, having fast load speeds, so in essence: everything that provides good user experience. 

So while SEO is not industry specific, the questions you will answer with your content should be closely related to your business and answer all the important questions. 

How Long Does SEO Last?

SEO is unfortunately quite hard to measure. 

It’s a one time cost and a long term strategy from which our clients have received guaranteed improvements.

While we don’t put an exact number to it, other articles claim you start to see results in 4-6 months from implementation.

In our experience, SEO lasts as long as your content stays relevant, and caters to Google’s changing algorithm, with everything mentioned earlier. 

How Do These Visitors Convert?

People search on Google throughout all stages of a buying cycle and a whopping 63% of shopping occasions begin online

Visitors that search for the exact product they want, and see your product which offers them a solution, you can imagine it converts very well.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO packages range from barely anything of value for €80 to extremely intricate strategies of €8000. 

For the smallest package you get social media pages, and Google tools set up, 1 keyword research, maybe a reachout strategy – chances are you already know or have all of these.

We also understand not wanting to spend more money on SEO than any of your other expenses, and through all our experience we believe we found a perfect balance.

At Splendex, we include SEO in the project price, with a guaranteed improvement in search rankings.

We guide you through any crucial tools you may not yet use, while leaving social media and other extra features up to you.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

Our clients are often surprised when we tell them they need content for SEO to work.

Unfortunately SEO is not some quick trick we can code into your website. What we can do is help you write content and optimize it.

Most of your potential customers will be looking for information about your product or service. They will welcome news & benefits associated with it.

This should be pretty easy, as you and your team probably have all the information you need, maybe you just haven’t phrased it into content yet.

Tools to Measure SEO

You might be sick of hearing marketing gurus tell you about the trick that is totally going to work once you pay them a ton of money.

The best thing about SEO is, you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it.

You can check any website on Google web.dev.

SEO search on web.dev
The web.dev search field

Simply type the URL of whichever website you’re curious about, and click on “run audit”.

It may take a little while, indicated by a purple bar sliding across the top of the metrics.

SEO search on web.dev
Scores of Splendex.io

As you can see, our SEO is the highest it can possibly be.

Don’t be scared of the low performance scores, as Google states on the bottom of the page: “All tests are run using a simulated mobile device, throttled to a fast 3G network & 4x CPU slowdown.”

We checked some other providers out of curiosity:

Anonymous search on web.dev
The score of unnamed web service provider #1
Anonymous search on web.dev
Score of unnamed web service provider #2

Another way you can check is by using seoceros.com.

The big search box in the middle is exactly what you should be looking for. 

SEO search on seoceros.com
Seoceros field where you should put your URL

Go ahead and put in the URL of the website you want to analyze:

SEO search on seoceros.com
SEO search on seoceros.com
Seoceros results of Splendex.io


SEO may not be a magic trick that will quadruple your sales, but it is guaranteed to generate traffic and improve upon your preexisting efforts. If you’re looking for a competitive edge to give your business that extra push, you may have found your perfect solution.

Kitti Timár
Marketing Coordinator