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March 5, 2021

What can Splendex do?

We develop digital products on two main areas of expertise. The first is based around website development, and the other is custom software development.

An award-winning page we developed.

In both fields we guide our partners towards their ideal destination using the quickest route and the latest innovations. Splendex is among top listed IT Services Companies.

This blog post is about websites, if you’re interested in custom software development, click here!

If it’s Websites You’re After – Meet André

Creating an online presence for high-prestige clients who struggle with complex issues is what we’re passionate about.

André Timár, Founder at Splendex.
André Timár, Founder of Splendex.

For instance we have had successful partnerships with large event-organizational firms, foundations, e-commerce stores and various professionals from all over the world. A lot of our projects come from Switzerland, and the U.S. resulting in a mostly foreign but exemplary portfolio.

Our services range from logo design or brand building to site build and search engine optimization. The website development is based on WordPress.

Isn’t WordPress Development Bad?

WordPress has become sort of a swear word in the development field, often associated with boring and low-effort template designs. We decided to reimagine WP development to be able to lower costs and shorten timelines for our clients.

So at Splendex WordPress development doesn’t mean clicking templates together, or using a multitude of plugins. We just use its easy admin surface and effective content management features.

On top of that, we still maintain an extremely high custom development quality, a unique graphic and UI/UX design, and the speed of our delivery this way is unmatched.

Our team is specialized for these types of projects, and their development is certainly held to a very high standard.

Our Award-Winning WordPress Website

The Együtt az Autistákért Alapítvány started a huge rebranding process, and they needed us to create a joyous landing page and an intricate donation system.

The landing page of Együtt az Autistákért Alapítvány - developed by Splendex.
The gorgeous landing page.

We delivered the website in roughly 2 months, with custom UI/UX design from our partners at SilArt Design. Hundreds of orders flowed through our donation system with ease, and the website handled thousands of visitors with absolutely no downtime.

The “Website of the Year” award. 🎉

What Makes Splendex Your Ideal Partner?

For every problem, we seek the most cost-effective solution that will serve you and your business for as long as you need. We use our multitude of experience, combined with a thorough understanding of your business to determine what will be the most optimal solution for you. We’re ready to go above and beyond to bring you excellent web development, beautiful UI/UX design and on-site SEO.

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Kitti Timár
Marketing Coordinator