Custom Software Solutions to Accelerate Your Growth

March 5, 2021

What Can Splendex Do?

We develop digital products on two main areas of expertise. The first is based around website development, and the other is custom software development.

In both fields we guide our partners towards their ideal destination using the quickest route and the latest innovations.

This blog post is about custom software development, if you’re interested in websites, click here!

How We Create Awesome Digital Products

Solving complex organizational issues and providing prestigious partners with a scalable product is what we’re passionate about.

Levente Székely, founder at Splendex, software developer.
Levente Székely, founder at Splendex.

While we do not expect our partners to be well versed in the technology aspect – that’s what we’re for 🙂 – we want to introduce the stacks we work in.

We mainly use JavaScript and Angular for development but we offer a much more well-rounded service. We have professional senior colleagues who are skilled in React and Vue.js, work efficiently using Ionic-Angular combinations and are ready to deliver awesome solutions.

In addition to these we develop backend as well, preferably with Node.js but we can work with Java and .NET as well.

We maintain an extremely high custom development quality and hold our team to this standard. In addition, we offer our partners unique graphic and UI/UX design, all for a reasonable price within the market.

Clients usually approach us with a complex issue, and a potential solution they imagined. We try to marry their idea and their business goals with a functional service based on our experience. This way, our partners end up with something that is going to serve them for many years to come.

A Great Example of a Custom Organizational Software

Our recent partner was a logistics company where we were tasked to create a platform that would collect all orders from many different e-commerce stores and therefore allow people to manage these orders from the central platform.

This entire process was sparked by a very simple issue: people forgetting their passwords. Since it’s not unusual for firms to have a dozen or more e-commerce stores, employees would spend a whopping amount of their working hours guessing their passwords or requesting new ones.

Naturally this simple concept evolved into a very intricate service and a functional product, but we were able to solve all of the firm’s problems and save them precious working hours.

What might have taken 6-8 hours before, now can take 15 minutes with this software.

This was the result of us consolidating all the repetitive yet time consuming tasks (such as setting the status of orders, and administrating other delivery procedures), and automating processes that must be done, but shouldn’t keep employees busy for hours.

What Makes Splendex Your Ideal Partner?

We use our multitude of experience, combined with a thorough understanding of your business to determine what will be the most optimal solution specifically for you and your firm. We’re ready to go above and beyond to bring you excellent software development, beautiful UI/UX design so our software can serve you for several years.

If you have an similar issue, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking the button below!

Kitti Timár
Marketing Coordinator