Turning Customers into Social Media Followers



The social media binds the new consumers to the companies. But how? Ideally, buyers are not just simply buyers, but they are actually fans of a particular brand.

In the social media era, companies have a tool that has a persuasive power far outrival the classic advertisements, advertising methods used so far.

Here you can find an overview that lists all important information related to the social media marketing.

With the rapid development of web 2.0, social media marketing has become a focus when it comes to contacting customers. The appearance of social media has fundamentally changed the relationship between companies and customers. The Social Network is a platform that integrates elements of classical advertising and online stores, providing a completely new opportunity to reach customers.

Benefits of social media in general

Thinking about social networking sites is as diverse as possible. We still often come across negative thoughts that emphasize adverse effects, but they are dwarfed by the most exploitable benefits of social media.

Before moving on to social media marketing, it is worth summing up what may have become so obvious in everyday use that we tend to forget about it.

The first and perhaps most important thing is that social networking sites are free and do not require any previous knowledge for their use, so anyone with Internet access can become a social media user.

According to 2016 data, Facebook had nearly 1.8 billion active users, which is a really high number. The success of this site lies in the diversity of its services. We can create profiles for individuals, companies, communities, groups, share texts, images, videos, events, questionnaires ... etc. Interestingly, many have already taken over the function of the browser, so in many cases, the concept of the Internet is almost identical to the social media.

From users to fans

In 2016, 5,260 million Hungarians were actively using Facebook. A significant part of these users find it useful and finds tips and advice that appear on the social networking site within the context of the community (on her/his own timeline) on the social network. We can find groups for nearly all topics, whether open, closed or secret, giving everyone the opportunity to get information on their own interests. These, in part, serve as a platform for the dissemination of different services, regardless of their size.

That is why businesses - if they have a website, if not - cannot afford not to include community media in interaction with customers. Only through active social media marketing is it possible to observe how our customers appreciate our products. Of course, this is not true at the same time, since it has already been said that we also want to create a dedicated interface in our website, and of course it is not advisable to neglect this if our business has an account on one or more social networking sites.

Why can social media benefit us? While offering advertising opportunities, they also allow us to develop our own offering through a constructive feedback culture. This is especially beneficial for those who have just launched their website or are just thinking about starting it. One of the most prominent features of social media - and a great advantage for us - is to blur the boundaries between private and public / business. On a social networking site, communication is always in a more direct, open-minded tone, which gives consumers a sense of trust and so become simple social media users. Fans will be buyers, and satisfied customers will be ambassadors of our products.

With social media marketing, businesses can multiply their ads, increase their sales, and become more public with their website. In addition, they can make customer service more accessible to their customers, as well as a major step forward in market research.

What should you pay attention to during social media marketing?

It is important to note that it is not necessary to be active on every community platform. First of all, we need to decide on which community interface our potential customers are. Once we have this, we cannot ignore the fact that not only the development of our web store is beneficial to an authentic look, but in the social media it is just as important. Each business has to target an online presence that matches its profile and needs to properly choose its channels. It does not necessarily matter what kind of product you want to sell. The advertising of very special, complex electronic devices is cumbersome, the social media is more suitable for popularizing consumer products and services.

We should build a fan community gradually. This process can be accelerated by sharing various multimedia content, prize games, or discounts. Social media marketing calls the method of building a fan community with sweepstakes gamification - and this method is fairly popular. A typical example of this is "like the page and share this post ... ."

Of course, we also have to take care of selecting content that matches the community interface. If our target audience is active on multiple platforms, it would be good, if we share the same content on each one, so potential customers can get updates over multiple channels.

Rather than quality as quantity, the emphasis is on the frequency of sharing. We should not forget that, because spending a longer time without upgrades and shares, buyers forget about us, and our goal is to keep their attention constantly, redirect them to our website and motivate them to buy. It's important to be always ready for our customers when it comes to answering, even if our customers' feedback is rather negative. We need to be aware of the customers' belief in their opinion.

Do not forget about our employees, as they obviously are also present on the community network. It is worthwhile to work together to set certain principles to avoid unpleasant situations. As discussed earlier, social media blur the lines between private and public. Although we cannot describe how the social media is used by anyone, it is advisable to draw attention to some adjustments to eliminate misunderstandings. Just for the sake of this example, suppose we sell bio-food in our web store, but one of our employee's profile contains many pictures of fast-food meals. Is this convincing for a potential buyer credible? Hardly. We cannot prescribe, but we can ask our employees to take care of the content they share.

Of course, a social networking site cannot be a substitute for website, but if we already have a website, social networking sites are a great tool for popularizing market research before launching new products, expanding customer service, and strengthening our brand.

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