10 Useful Tips for Starting an eCommerce Website



Do you have a website and products to sell? This is a great idea in itself! Maybe you already have a website, but you do not know how to roll it up?

Here are 10 tips to help you improve your store info:

1. Professional design

Of course, an online shop also works when the appearance is out of favour. However, customers may leave the site before they realize it. An amateur design is like a dirty, messy store where you forget to wipe and fill the shelves - it gives you the impression that you really do not care about how much you can afford. The main problem with this is that the customer will automatically keep the products - as long as they are browsing at all - as low as the platform that sells them.

What to do? There are a number of ecommerce software that you can customize for your convenience, but if you feel that you do not have the capacity to design your own hand, trust the pros!

2. Awareness-raising titles

Suppose you are selling custom-made furniture, so you will need to have one of the first places in your Google search results in the "custom-made furniture" section of your web site. Yes, however, the competition can be accessed under the same keyword, so your site will be lost in the results of a variety of similar products.

How can I get rid of this problem? Clarify your keywords! For example, if you write "custom-made carved chairs" instead of "custom-made furniture", you are already one step closer to your goal.

3. Contents

"People come here to order, not read!" - we might think. Is it really that simple? Let's look at the other side as well. People day by day come to stores and do not necessarily find the product they came for the first time. "Do you have it in any other colours? In other sizes? In other price categories? "- the question sounds, and sellers are willing to answer them. In the online space, buyers often cannot ask sellers or ask questions only in the form of keywords.

Inform your customers about your products! See what are the most frequently searched keywords and ever-repeated questions, and then answer them on your website!

4. Use your own pictures!

Many manufacturers and suppliers are offering stock photos of different products, these are available online and are freely usable in the website. In fact, this is the simplest way to get pictures when we immediately need them. First of all, it should be taken into account, as you have access to and use such photos others can do that as well, so, if a customer searches for a product that you are selling, there is a risk that she/he will not find your store listing for the same image.

In this case, it is essential that you stand out from the crowd with your own pictures. Spend a little more time and energy in your product photos, it's worth it!

5. Informative product descriptions

Once we are in the uniqueness, the most important is the well-formulated, informative product description after the individual product photo, which distinguishes it from the competition.

A good product description:

- contains precise and accurate definitions of the product
- contains standard and non-standard terms from the producer
- gives the customer short, meaningful information about the product, the buyer is not mistaken in the line
- affects emotions, knows the target audience of the product
- respond to frequently asked questions about this product

Not only the content, the form also plays a significant role - indispensable for legibility, correct font size, tagging, font colour - is an indispensable issue for them.

Buyers need to be aware that they are important, so just give them more. Add the custom product description to the product sheet, optionally with the installation / operating instructions.

6. Provide comparison opportunities to the buyer

The customer is not always conscious. They are not sure they want to buy or may just be browsing between different products. They are not fully convinced of what they want and want at all. Help them in the decision, in the product description, show other similar articles from our website! If you raise to a higher level, you might want to create comparative pages, so you do not have to scroll through the pages.

7. Show other buyers ratings as well

While developing your website, do not avoid seeing your previous customers’ reviews. Whatever your page design looks like, and a convincing product description that's right for you, customers information when buying information from a product is greatly influenced by the opinions of other buyers, saying they look like a good friend's opinion before buying. Do not be afraid of negative judgment, a product is the most attractive to users when it contains both positive and negative reviews as negative reviews authenticate the article.

8. Delivery date, contact details, shipping details

Not only product but shipping/delivery information is unnecessary for customers. The moment the customer pays for the product, he will be interested in when she/he can get it. It may also be interesting for you whether you have the opportunity to negotiate individual delivery deadlines or are you doing business where you can personally take the product.

9. Deliver quickly

The ideal delivery time is 1-2 days. This is not always easy, but customers often choose the shortest time they can get the product for which they have already paid in advance.

10. Show the user what the basket is hiding

Do you really have the product in the cart? Or do you have to click it again? It is unpleasant when the customer cannot fully make sure that the chosen product is actually in the cart. That is why, during the ecommerce, you should pay attention to this tiny, but more important function. The most obvious option is the use of pop-up windows, so the buyer immediately and inevitably faces the purchase of the item she/he chooses.

You can still serve as an option, but this is far less noticeable when inserting the "Adding" items to your products.

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10 Useful Tips for Starting an eCommerce Website

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10 Useful Tips for Starting an eCommerce Website

Do you have a website and products to sell? This is a great idea in itself! Maybe you already have a website, but you do not know how to roll it up?