7 Features that Improved Our Office Significantly

December 3, 2020

Are you struggling to find an office in Budapest, and looking to get the most out of your current office space?  We’ve been there, we made a productive yet pleasant office without spending thousands of euros.

There are things we love such as natural light and a separate meeting room, but we recognize that not everyone has access to these options.

We compiled 7 of our favorite ways on how to make your current workspace more inviting (and added tips on what to avoid).

Here is a cheat sheet of what improvements we feel our tips made, what you might see and how pricey they are:

A cheat sheet of our Office tips

Plant Friends 

A common misconception is that plants can ‘detoxify’ the air, which has unfortunately been proven wrong.

While the assumption is technically true, you would need an army of plants in a completely sealed area for the air to be ‘purified’.

Even if the improvement of air quality is a placebo, plants still do an excellent job at jazzing up an office space, and enhancing productivity.

Potted plants are your safest bet, they have long lifespans and are quite easy to maintain. 

However, if you are longing for something more you can get insanely creative with wall designs and hanging pots to make use of empty spaces! You can also use beautiful artificial plants if real ones are a no-go.

Make sure to avoid flowers as the scent can be overpowering and disturb the workflow.

Splendex team in the office with our plants
Splendex team in the office with our plants!

Tools and Gadgets

Did you know employees with two screens are more productive than with one? The tools your employees use will define their workdays so try to give them every opportunity to succeed.

Depending on your industry this tip may not be the most important, but these are just the essentials we are familiar with.

At Splendex, there are no limitations on what tech items the team can bring, and the company also finances any additional tools that are deemed reasonable.

We thrive to minimize the frustrations associated with work, our team members are comfortable and happy, so they can get into the flow easier, and concentrate more on their tasks.

Consider if there are people who would prefer to work with wireless tools such as a headset, mouse, or keyboard.

If you manage your own tech team, look around for these productivity-killers:

  • Monitors flashing / malfunctioning
  • Monitors with burnt out pixels
  • Loose keyboard letters
  • Bad cable management
  • Inaccessible power outlets
  • Noisy devices
  • Printer jams
  • Computers without enough memory
Splendex team with our gadgets in the office
The Splendex team hard at work

If you’re a restaurant owner for example, translate these tips as the knives the chef is using, the obstacles the waiters and waitresses have to walk across, every little thing that makes your employees frustrated and therefore less productive.

Amp Up the Volume

Good news music lovers, it has been proven that music keeps employees motivated and more productive. Introducing music in the workplace has virtually no disadvantages if everyone in the office can agree on a certain volume and a genre.

Music subscriptions are incredibly affordable nowadays and you do not need the most sophisticated sound system either. In our Budapest office we often have songs playing on the TV, as it makes a space so much more inviting.

That said, if someone prefers to listen to their own playlists they can still do so, just pop in a pair of earbuds.

There are a couple factors you should avoid:

  • Songs with distracting vocals
  • Intense instrumentals
  • Genres that not everyone enjoys
  • Brand new songs that attract focus
  • Tapping and humming along to music

If people are learning brand new concepts, or have to focus on tasks incredibly hard you could skip music though.

Here are some of our favorite artists to listen to while we work:

  • Ben Böhmer
  • Adam Beyer
  • Nora Enpure

Interaction and Help

We hate emailing within the workplace. Our developers sit close to each other so if they are struggling with a task, they can easily ask for help without disturbing anyone else. This saves us several chain emails and misunderstandings every day.

If we must communicate online, we use Slack channels with assigned members, so the information gets to whoever needs it as effectively as possible.

We also find that lots of chatter is detrimental to productivity but sharing a couple of laughs has quite the opposite effect. We work best when we can interact with each other and studies prove we aren’t the only ones.

Splendex developers
At Splendex we believe work should be fun

Even though interaction is great your employees will also need a bit of privacy, so make sure the office is not too crowded.

If you have been experiencing productivity issues, try to change the layout of your office.


This is not the biggest motivation booster, but it is budget and people friendly: have soft drinks around and an equipped kitchen.

Nothing crazy, with a few pots and pans and a portable stove top will accommodate anyone that wants to whip up a quick meal in the office every once in a while.

A cold soda in the office
Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

You can save your employees the time and energy of planning every meal and beverage they need throughout the day and shift their focus to the tasks at hand. Order pizza once in a while, especially if people are doing overtime to let them know you’re grateful for their commitment.

In our previous office we had restaurant across the street, Mozsár, which we loved going to. Have a designated place where most of the team likes to eat and go with them, bonding over food can be fantastic.

Leisure Area

Of course, it’s important to keep workplaces professional.

However, providing a space where people can take a breather, have a cup of coffee and chat for a few minutes is a worthwhile investment.

This can also range from a separate chill zone to a couple of bean bags, the effort is what matters most.

Trust your employees to know their needs and limits.

Not having those five minutes of rest could easily determine the quality of your employees’ work.

We also have a little balcony area where you can sit, smoke, or just rest your eyes on the Parliament building of Budapest.

Office Weather

There is a very slim chance this needs to be said, but an office space that is too cold or too hot will physically exhaust your employees.

Research says the ideal temperature is 21 °C (or about 70 F).

It may be pricey, but air conditioning can be your best friend by being able to:

  • Provide cooling
  • Provide heat
  • Regulate humidity
  • Eliminate pollens

effectively from the moment you turn it on.


Keeping your employees happy is your best investment professionally and personally too. You can make incredibly meaningful changes in office productivity without hiring new people, increasing salaries or renting a new space.

Employee comfort does not equal laziness, and a little amount of money can go a long way too.

Kitti Timár
Marketing Coordinator