8th Development

An amazing software that lets you develop mobile applications for multiple platforms with a single coding language. They wanted a refreshed look and a better landing page that converts visitors into customers.


Project Description

8th is really an amazing piece of architecture and their old website couldn't represent that to its full extent. While the company is developing a software that helps mobile development their old site wasn't properly optimized and written for mobile devices which made selling their product harder since you'd expect a company that is invested in mobile development to have a properly rendered website on mobile devices.

The client let us come up with a design on our own and was really confident in us that we deliver something that truly represents their team and company and we tried our best to do that while making the website more marketable and visitor friendly. The other goal of ours was to make it more accessible and better to navigate so more people can actually buy the product without going through the trouble to even find the suitable package for their needs.

Developed Features

  • Optimized landing page
  • 100% Responsive look
  • Graphic design
  • Lightweight code

Client's Review

"Working with Splendex Creative was pleasant and easy. They understood what we wanted, delivered it on budget and on time, and the final product is excellent. We would be happy to work with them again."

Ron Aaron

Founder & CTO of 8th